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See all the changes in color, but without any context lines, and without the leading +/-/[space] This makes it easy to grab changes and stuff them in another file for example.

git diff -U0 --color myfile | sed -r "s/^([^-+ ]*)[-+ ]/\\1/"

You forgot to add a file to the last commit? Just add it to the index, and commit with --amend. If you leave off the -m (message) option in the new commit, it will let you re-use the last commit message. This lets you "undo the last commit" and redo it right. You usually do not want to amend a commit if you've already pushed it to other repos, but if it's just local --amend is awesome-sauce.

git add forgotten.php
git commit --amend
git log --stat

What's the commit history? --stat gives a nice view of what happened in the log.

git log --stat