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Comparison Chart[edit | edit source]

Attribute MediaWiki Confluence Why is it important?
License Gtk-yes.svg GNU GPL Gtk-no.svg proprietary Fully free software protects your investment because it's reversible and extensible from the bottom-up. It's never tied to the fate of a sole proprietor, and not subject to vendor lock-in.
Integration Gtk-yes.svg almost anything Gtk-no.svg mostly Atlassian products MediaWiki can be, and is, integrated with a wide variety of other systems. Most importantly for the Enterprise user, a whole open authentication framework allows MediaWiki to be integrated with just about any existing authentication system.

Atlassian likes to brag about how integrated Confluence is with their other systems (BitBucket, JIRA, Bamboo, FishEye, Crucible, HipChat). While it's true that these can be integrated (and work well out of the box), these extra products come at extra cost. Integrating Confluence with any product that is not sold by Atlassian is a different question.

Customization Wiki Confluence discussion
Ease of Use Wiki Confluence discussion
Intended Audience Wiki Confluence discussion
Gartner Magic Quadrant Gtk-no.svg Gtk-no.svg This is a red herring. There is no way that MediaWiki would ever be listed by Gartner since they review vendors. MediaWiki is produced by the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), a non-profit foundation. They are not a software vendor. They'll never be listed by Gartner in any MQ unless Gartner changes their methodology. [1] Besides, Atlassian was named in the 2017 MQ for "Enterprise Agile Planning Tools" [2], not for wikis, not for collaboration, not for knowledge management.
Cost Gtk-yes.svg Gtk-no.svg MediaWiki software is Free Software (as defined by it's license). Vendors charge for added value such as support and service.

You pay per the seat for a Confluence license. There is a free option for open-source projects. There is a reduced price option for non-profit organizations. You also pay for add-ons that are included with MediaWiki (even simple ones like Title redirects!). You also pay for added value such as training. Some things are just not available at any price (e.g. customization).

Professional Support Gtk-yes.svg Gtk-yes.svg MediaWiki has paid professional support provided by a long list of individual software developers as well as companies around the world [3]

Confluence has a variety of support options available through a single company (Atlassian in Australia) with full support starting at $35,000 [4]

Users[edit | edit source]

Let's see who uses MediaWiki

Just about every established open source software project has a wiki.

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