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Client Engagement and Project Management Process[edit | edit source]

Gedit.svg todo publish full eQuality Technology process handbook

How We Work[edit | edit source]

Small and Responsive[edit | edit source]

eQuality Technology is as nimble as it is responsive to customer concerns.

Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick Any Two![edit | edit source]

Any project can be done good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two. Quality is seldom quick.

Process[edit | edit source]

eQuality Technology is focused on implementations for non-profits, civic-minded organizations, and small businesses. We utilize the Agile development methodology for rapid deployments. We strive for clear and open communication - if something won't work, or take a long time to develop - we'll tell you so.

Timing[edit | edit source]

Each project is unique, and we ask many questions before we get started. Projects are assigned priorities, relatively short deliverable phases, and timelines. We prefer for you to see the work in progress so that any adjustments can be made as we go along.

Best Practices, New Ideas[edit | edit source]

- we will take on the challenge!

Price[edit | edit source]

See our Rates and Contact Us about custom engagements.

No Project Too Small[edit | edit source]

- free of charge.