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[[File:Features.png|right|100px|Features]] This wiki has runs on [ QualityBox]; including many curated [[MediaWiki/Extensions|extensions]] installed and also other , [[gadgets]] or plus configuration settings within the software that make it particularly interestingthe best. Follow each link in the See table below for more information. If your wiki knowledge platform doesn't have all these features, you should [ contact {{CompanyName}} eQuality Technology] for an upgrade. Here are a few resources to help you understand how QualityBox can fit into your company:
<!* [ QualityBox Demo site] -we would be happy to give you a login to take it for a test drive.* Our [ Wiki Report] tool will provide you with a detailed look at your wiki (if it's public); which you can [ compare to ours]* We host QualityBox in a private cloud for each customer and can even host it on- premises for you.* To grab a copy of these features in a spreadsheet for analysis, click the {{#ask: [[Category:Feature explanation::+]] [[Feature description::+]]|?Has image#80px;x80px = Image |?Feature description = Description |?Feature notes = Notes |?Feature tests = Tests |?Feature examples = Examples | mainlabelformat=Featurespreadsheet | templatefileformat=Feature/Tablecsv | introtemplatefilename=Feature/Table/IntroQualityBoxFeatures | outrotemplatesearchlabel=Feature/Table/Outro | format=template | link=allExport (csv)}} -->link.
[[Category:Feature]] |mainlabel=Page |?has image#100px;x100px = Image |?Feature description = Description|?Feature notes = Notes|?Feature examples = Examples|introtemplate=Feature/Table/Intro|template=Feature/Table|outrotemplate=Feature/Table/Outro|format=plainlist
Generally speaking, you can see what extensions are installed in a wiki by visiting the [[Special:Version]] page, however that doesn't explain what the extensions do; and it certainly doesn't describe the features included in core.
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