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This is the knowledge base (KB) for QualityBox. The Community discussions and support questions over at the QB Huddle end up here as the manual and documentation for QualityBox.

QualityBox is a service for hosting MediaWiki similar to what is used to run Wikipedia. There are other options for installing MediaWiki on your own server, like sudo apt-get install mediawiki. But that is just a starting point whereas QualityBox is the full endpoint. By leveraging the Ansible orchestration tool, QualityBox allows you to provision virtual machines locally (using Vagrant + VirtualBox) or in the cloud (e.g. Digital Ocean droplets). For MediaWiki consultants, this turbo-charges your DevOps and Delivery. For organizations wishing to deploy MediaWiki, QualityBox eliminates many of the hurdles along the way. QualityBox opens up the pathway to better support, training, integration or extension by the same people and organizations that develop QualityBox.

Enterprise MediaWiki conference / Houston Technology Center - Houston, TX May 2018

QualityBox 18.08 is here!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped us get here, like all the people at EMWCon 2018 in Houston, TX

Recent developments[edit | edit source]

  • We recently updated the cache settings of the PHP Opcache among other performance enhancements.
  • Plus we have a whole new stats system.

Join Us[edit | edit source]

You can request an account here, and also at eQuality Technology, and finally at the support site When we migrate to a unified login, we'll let you merge your accounts.

Open Issues[edit | edit source]

See for open issues.

Report a Bug[edit | edit source]

Please post any bugs or work items to the issue queue at GitHub. Clients can report issues privately in their client support channel in the "QB Huddle" (be sure to click-through to your client category or else you'll be posting publicly).