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In the context of Drupal hosting, Aegir is an open-source hosting system that allows users to easily manage multiple Drupal websites and applications from a single interface. Aegir simplifies the deployment and maintenance of Drupal sites, making it easier for developers and site administrators to manage large numbers of websites.

Aegir provides a centralized platform for managing Drupal sites, including features such as automated site provisioning, backups, upgrades, and migration. It is designed to work with a variety of web servers, databases, and other server software, providing flexibility and compatibility with different hosting environments.

Using Aegir, users can easily create and manage Drupal sites, as well as configure custom settings and modules for each site. Aegir also offers a command-line interface for advanced users and developers, providing access to additional functionality and customization options. Overall, Aegir is a powerful tool for Drupal hosting that can streamline the management of multiple websites and applications.

Service Providers[edit | edit source]

Like the Canasta project for MediaWiki, there are multiple service providers who collaborate on the platform and offer paid professional support for the platform.

Cloud Technology[edit | edit source]

Aegir is VM based, so it is not something to deploy into a Kubernetes or other orchestrated containerized environment.