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A community for and by Free Software enthusiasts especially those who live and work in northern Massachusetts (e.g. Salisbury, Newburyport) to coastal New Hampshire (e.g. Hampton, Rye, Portsmouth). If you are reading this page, you should Join Us . It is after all free.

This is a community of Free Software developers, advocates, and users. This site is free, and not just for the tech elite. You can join in by sharing your thoughts here too. The site is special in that all visitors can edit pages here. How?

This site is devoted to sharing information about Free Software, between developers and the small business community. We aim to promote and advocate for the use of free software in personal computing, education and small business.

Developers / Consultants[edit | edit source]

We wish to help all developers and Free Software consultants be successful financially in their Open Source business endeavors. If you know of good Case Studies , especially local or those involving small to medium-sized companies, please add them. We hope to create a knowledge base and community where developers can learn from each other in the best way possible.

Businesses[edit | edit source]

If you're a small business owner using Free Software like the big guys do then here is a resource where you can find other solutions and technical experts. Contact us to learn more about what solutions are available from the global marketplace, and who can help you in your own back yard.