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logo treatments

Business.card.backside.jpg, Business.card.jpg, Eqt.banner.jpg, Eqt.logo.leo.png, Eqt.logo.png, FSF.svg, Freephile large logo.gif, GNU-Linux.png, GlossyEqualSign.jpg, Icons, Powered by QualityBox.svg, QB cube.png, QB cube.svg, QualityBox Logo Horz Tagline.svg, QualityBox Logo Horz.svg, QualityBox Logo Stacked Tagline.svg, QualityBox Logo Stacked.svg, RYF.png, Thumbnailing

See mw:Manual:$wgLogo. The logo file for a MediaWiki skin should be 135x135, but other sizes are possible with other skins. You can upload a file to your wiki, and then use it for the logo by setting $wgLogo in LocalSettings.php


$wgLogo = $wgScriptPath . '/images/4/47/mylogo.png';

By accessing the right URL, you can have MediaWiki resize your image for you e.g.

For Meza/QualityBox, just put the logo into the config folder along with other favicon assets. Alternatively, 'Logo.png' or 'Logo.jpg' will automatically work from upload.

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