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no, that's a status for someone who pulls out of a Disc Golf tournament.

wp:DNF (software) is the successor to Yum - a package manager for .rpm-based Linux distributions. In RHEL, and by extension, AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux, yum is an alias for dnf. (So you're using dnf even if you think you're using yum.) dnf has been around since 2013 and became default in 2015


The Rocky Linux wiki has info on their repositories and also version policy https://wiki.rockylinux.org/rocky/repo/#version-policy

Reclaim space from DNF caches
sudo dnf clean dbcache
sudo dnf clean packages
sudo dnf clean all
How to Install a Specific Version of a software package
sudo dnf list installed elasticsearch
sudo dnf list elasticsearch --showduplicates
sudo dnf remove elasticsearch kibana
sudo dnf erase elasticsearch kibana
sudo dnf list installed elasticsearch
sudo dnf install dnf-command(versionlock)
sudo dnf search ansible
sudo dnf list ansible
sudo dnf versionlock add ansible
sudo dnf versionlock list