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MythTV is a freedom softare project that puts YOU in control of your digital life. By turning standard PC hardware into a networked, cable/satelite connected Personal Home Entertainment System, you can literally sit on your couch and surf the internet while recording a show, and even video phone a friend across the globe - for free (or the price of your internet connection).

What is it again?[edit | edit source]

What is MythTV?
MythTV is an open source PVR project. In addition to the traditional PVR functions, it has the following (official) modules
  • MythArchive: Allows you to create DVDs of recorded shows1
  • MythBrowser: Browse the Internet from your couch.
  • MythDVD: DVD player and backup
  • MythGallery: Image viewer and slide show module.
  • MythGame: Frontend for various emulators and PC games.
  • MythMusic: Store and listen to your music collection.
  • MythNews: RSS newsfeed module.
  • MythPhone: Video conference from your couch.
  • MythVideo: Frontend for playing videos (MPEGs, XVID, etc) files.
  • MythWeather: Frontend for getting the weather forecast.
  • MythWeb: Control various aspects of MythTV from a web browser.

More modules are available as 3rd-party modules.

My Build[edit | edit source]

I am putting together the components and Building a MythTV Home Theater

FAQ and Manuals[edit | edit source] is the complete KnoppMyth Pamphlet

Vendors[edit | edit source] Sells the Dragon 2.0 system for ~$1,400 In addition to community involvement, they publish the complete specs for their system so you can build your own if you'd rather.

Dragon v2.0 system specs Included hardware

* CASE: black Silverstone LC-17B HTPC case
* PSU: 16dB(A) Nexus NX-4090 400W PSU **BUY IT**
* CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300
OR upgrade to Intel Core 2 Duo E6400
* RAM: 1GB (2x512MB) DDR2-667 / PC2-5300 RAM
OR upgrade to 2GB (2x1GB)
OR upgrade to 4GB (4x1GB)
* CPU HEATSINK: stock Intel Core 2 Duo heatsink
OR upgrade to Zalman CNPS7000B-AlCu plus ZM-CS1 socket 775 adapter
* DVD-RW: multi-format, super-quiet Lite-On SHW 160PS
* HDD: 320GB Western Digital Caviar RE enterprise-class quiet SATA HDD (WD3200YS)
OR upgrade to 500GB (WD5000YS)
* GRAPHICS CARD: passively-cooled ASUS EN6200LE/TD/64M with DVI / VGA / composite
OR upgrade to passively-cooled Gigabyte GeForce 7300GS (GV-NX73G128D-RH) with DVI / VGA / S-Video
OR upgrade to passively-cooled EVGA GeForce 7600GS (256-P2-N549-T2))
* SOUNDCARD: onboard analog audio
OR upgrade to Chaintech AV-710 with optical S/PDIF for digital audio **BUY IT**
* TUNER CARDS: 2x AirStar-HD5000AV-PCI **BUY IT**
* REMOTE CONTROL: StreamZap IR Remote **BUY IT**
* 1x 80w ATA133 IDE cable and 1x SATA cable (included with motherboard)
* 1x power cord

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