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If you try to use git-svn to convert to git you'll want to be aware of the --prefix option to git init. From the the manual

This allows one to specify a prefix which is prepended to the names of remotes if trunk/branches/tags are specified. The prefix does not automatically include a trailing slash, so be sure you include one in the argument if that is what you want. If --branches/-b is specified, the prefix must include a trailing slash. Setting a prefix (with a trailing slash) is strongly encouraged in any case, as your SVN--tracking ref layout (refs/remotes/$remote/). Setting a prefix is also useful if you wish to track multiple projects that share a common repository. By default, the prefix is set to origin/.

Note Before Git v2.0, the default prefix was "" (no prefix). This meant that SVN--tracking refs are organized. If you still want the old default, you can get it by passing --prefix "" on the command line (--< v2.37).

Bottom Line[edit | edit source]

In all but the most trivial cases, git-svn is not adequate as a conversion tool. See, and also for a run-down of the top contenders (and where they fall short).

Reposurgeon is the best conversion tool for migrating from Subversion to Git.