Honda ST1300A/rear shock preload

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The Maintenance Items Needed for a New (old) Bike document from the ST-Owners forum says:

Check the rear shock preload adjuster.

While not described in the Honda Service Manual, the preload adjuster is most likely low on fluid and is not working properly. After unscrewing the knob all the way, if resistance is not felt within two clicks, fluid needs to be added. This is discussed in several threads.

Preload[edit | edit source]

gloved hand holding suspension preload unit
preload cylinder partially removed

While you do not need to remove the adjuster knob, it's likely that there is gunk in the ball bearing and spring housing plus the threads. By removing the knob from the preload cylinder (after detaching it from the bike is probably easiest to catch the ball bearing) you can quickly clean away any such grime to get the best function out of the adjuster.

adjuster knob and left-side body panel appearing as normal
Maintenance complete

Rebound and damping[edit | edit source]

More about tuning the rear suspension.