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This extension officially lives at mw:Extension:Html2Wiki

See the documentation there, since it is maintained with the software.

This site may host development ideas or interesting examples/demos.

Other conversion tools

Html2Wiki relies on pandoc to do format conversion. Here are some other approaches to doing conversions.


LibreOffice Writer can connect to a Wiki, and allow you to edit and save articles in the wiki.

  • Make sure your LibreOffice can export MediaWiki directly from any format that LibreOffice can read
sudo apt-get install libreoffice-wiki-publisher

With this library installed, you can now export documents straight out of LibreOffice.

Two-step conversion

This isn't really better than using LibreOffice directly, but it is an option to at least compare the output (assuming direct export is giving a bad result)

  • Convert a doc to mediawiki by converting to HTML first, and then using pandoc to convert HTML to MediaWiki markup
libreoffice --headless --convert-to html /tmp/awk.cheat.sheet.doc && \
pandoc awk.cheat.sheet.html -o -f html -t mediawiki

Online conversion is a webform interface to pandoc

Note: MediaWiki/Toolbox explains how we add a custom link to the "toolbox" element of this site.

  1. Gedit.svg todo Html2Wiki workboard
  2. Gedit.svg todo upgrade extension to work with new loading mechanism
  3. Gedit.svg todo Create a service to import Google Docs to wiki
  4. Gedit.svg todo Expand Html2Wiki to include anything that pandoc supports