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Image shows: Interwiki
Description: shorthand for making links to popular websites or other wikis that have a reliable pattern
Example: search for 'foo' on Google

Interwiki Links[edit | edit source]

Interwiki Links are another use of CURIEs to make it very easy to link to other important/useful websites without so much effort.

E.g. [[google:foo]] will produce a link to the Google results page for a search for 'foo' like this google:foo (Note that the Interwiki prefix is not case sensitive, so Google works as well as gOOgle. Lowercase is preferred. Note too that in order to suppress the display of the namespace in the link, you'll want to use the pipe syntax to format the link text: [[google:foo|search for 'foo' on Google]] results in this: search for 'foo' on Google

There is a long list of convenient Interwiki Links available to you (displayed by the Interwiki extension): Special:Interwiki If you run your own mediawiki installation, get the Interwiki extension. It makes it so simple to add more short-cuts like 'w' for wikipedia.

Directly in the database, you can look at the 'interwiki' table:

SELECT iw_prefix, iw_url FROM interwiki