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Resource Sites[edit | edit source]

  1. The main site
  2. word processing
  3. spreadsheet
  4. documentation including the manuals
  5. forums
  6. The OASIS Focus Area at
  7. extras
  8. macros

Check for a list of websites and free online resouces which aren't listed here

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Learn OpenOffice[edit | edit source] has free tutorials (impress and calc as of 6/2006) and resources

From Atomic Learning[edit | edit source]

Introducing Impress
Using Impress for PowerPoint users

File Formats[edit | edit source]

OpenOffice File Formats describes how the ODF OASIS standard is employed by OpenOffice

Programming[edit | edit source]

The wikipedia site has a great list of the projects and interfaces for programmatically dealing with ODF

The open document fellowship website might even have a better list The applications page lists all the applications that can read/write ODF

Controversy and Competing Standards[edit | edit source]

Groklaw has probably the best list of the issues against EOOXML