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Resource Sites[edit | edit source]

  1. Aidan Lister from Autstralia has a nice site online (source provided to make your own similar site) which lists many classes and PHP functions for doing routine things that you will inevitabably face in programming. Things like making a directory structure recursively, or checking the size of a directory and it's contents.
  2. Jeroen (John) Post created which lets you play with PHP code in the browser, and specifically test that code with multiple versions of PHP.

Language Features[edit | edit source]

Magic Methods[edit | edit source]

JSON[edit | edit source]

With json_decode(), you either get an object, or using the optional second parameter, you can force the return value to an array. In the former case, you access the content using object notation. In the latter case, you use array notation. ie.

$data = json_decode($data);
$version = $data->query->general->generator;
    // or     
$data = json_decode($data, true);
$version = $data['query']['general']['generator'];

ToDo[edit | edit source]