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This page was developed as a prototype. Please visit QualityBox.us

Pick a MediaWiki Hosting Plan That's Right for You

Fast, awesome, and affordable are just some of the words our customers use to describe our managed MediaWiki hosting plans. Check out what we have to offer below, and get started today.

  • 1-5 Sites
  • $299/Month
  • Up To 5 Sites
  • 2GB RAM
  • Two CPUs
  • 40 GB SSD
  • 3 TB / mo transfer
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  • 20 Sites
  • $1599   $999/Month
  • Up To 20 Sites
  • 32GB RAM
  • Twelve CPUs
  • 320 GB SSD
  • 7 TB / mo transfer
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The number of "Sites" is a relative sizing guide for your QualityBox. Several factors determine the best sizing. Please review the Terms Of Service carefully. You can upgrade at any time. Need more than 20 Sites? Contact Us.