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There are lists of wikis, but this is not that. This is series of showcase articles on outstanding wikis, just like the Drupal Showcase shows off Drupal. Since we're focused on Enterprise Wikis, we're not going to be covering any of the WikiMedia Foundation wiki projects[1]. Meanwhile, we'll start off with this anti-case: People have come to associate 'wiki' with 'Knowledge Base'. Unfortunately, this 'wiki' is running on WordPress - which just isn't suited for the task at hand. While I applaud NeoSmart for offering up a vast collection of knowledge, you can instantly see how being constrained to structuring 'documents' by some hierarchy or tagging scheme alone is just not enough.

Uses[edit | edit source]

What can you use MediaWiki for? wp:Possible uses of MediaWiki

Showcase[edit | edit source]

We'll be adding forms and layouts to make this whole section much more robust... but we'll just cite a couple (of the thousands of) wikis here now. If you know of a wiki that should be in our showcase, please get a free 'wiki report' so it gets added to our database, and be sure to add your email address so we know who to interview.

Company Showcase[edit | edit source]

We're also building a Company Showcase to show off the successful businesses like Virtual Town & Schools which use Free Software as a foundation for their business. VTS uses Drupal as a foundation for providing technology services to Towns and Schools. For example, they do the Town of Salisbury website - and it's a LOT better than it used to be under a proprietary / home-grown system.

CEO pedia should be a site with a huge following. But, like all things on the Internet, it doesn't come close to the popularity of Boob pedia (NSFW)

Some of the companies that we want to showcase include those like ours: selling hosting, development, and consulting services using free software for the enterprise. Companies like Singlebrook. Those companies should be invited to collaborate with us on QualityBox, or offer it to their customers.

  1. Some stats on WMF wikis