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This template is used within your article to display a Category Tree. Category Tree is an extension that provides a nice visual formatting and display of the Categories in a clickable tree. Among other things, Category Tree dresses up the display of Categories on this site.

Documentation[edit source]

You can display a Category Tree in your article in three ways:

  1. the categorytree tag
    namespaces="Help Talk 0"
  2. the parser tag
  3. the 'Categorypage' template

The third option is intended to be used most, because it's the easiest.

This wiki is designed so that every major category (of articles) has an article introducing that category. For example, a major theme of this wiki is "Applications", so there is a category for any article which is about or relates to an Application. There is also a "First-level" article named Applications that introduces the reader to the subject. Such a high-level overview page should include links to all the articles within the subject matter. The easy way to make that happen is to use the


'Categorypage' template

Under the covers, the Categorypage template implements the CategoryTree extension. See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CategoryTree for full details of the extension.

Usage[edit source]

This template is setup to make it even easier to put a CategoryTree on your article. You just use the template syntax, and give it the argument of the Category you want to show: e.g.

{{Categorypage|Free Software}}