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This is the "Employee" template. It should be called in the following format:

|Email (personal)=
|Phone Office=
|Phone Cell=
|Start Date=
|End Date=
|Hobbies and Interests=

Edit the page to see the template text. {{#cargo_declare:_table=Employees|Image=File|Alias=List (,) of Text|Title=List (,) of Page|Expertise=List (,) of Page|Language=List (,) of String (allowed values=Chinese (Cantonese),Chinese (Mandarin),Danish,Dutch,French,German,Portuguese,Russian,Spanish)|Email=Email|Email_personal=Email|Phone_Office=Text|Phone_Cell=Text|Start_Date=Date|End_Date=Date|Birthday=Date|Department=List (,) of Page|Supervisor=List (,) of Page|Hobbies_and_Interests=List (,) of Text|Notes=Wikitext}}