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This is just an idea which needs a lot of work. The World Economic Forum published a skills taxonomy at https://www.weforum.org/reports/building-a-common-language-for-skills-at-work-a-global-taxonomy/

MUST READ Lex's https://mwstakeorg.dataspects.com/wiki/Trusted_Web_of_Colleagues

Each skill could have a type

Type would be a select list 'Technical', 'People'. Is there another? Is 'management' its own classification of skills? What about 'scientific' or 'engineering' disciplines, do they all get wrapped into technical along with software? What about 'Artistic/Creative'? What about construction and trades? What about teaching?

For each type, there would be a list of specific "categories"

The categories for 'Technical' would be a select list including 'software/application', 'Operating System', 'industry standard', 'vendor platform', 'programming language', 'markup', 'database system'

There should be another attribute of a skill which is to describe what general category the skill applies to. What do you do with this skill?

For example: EC2 would be a skill of type: Technical; category: vendor platform; general category: virtual hosting

Big picture[edit source]

There is a 'knowledge' page that lists all the available skills. In this way, we can have an inventory of not just the vocabulary of knowledge, but also a list of the content itself for the purpose of defining it and verifying the recency and completeness or other aspects of documentation (e.g. associated image or story).

Then, there could be a similar list of skills that gets populated in User space as subpages for an individual. In this way it can apply to the User, and offer yet again a way to check and control inventory of the documentation of those skills as it pertains to the individual. When did you first learn the skill, how many years experience do you have using that skill? When was the last time you used the skill? What certifications do you have that cover this skill?