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Tooltips Dialog-information.svg
Image shows: tooltips
Description: create icons with onmouseover tooltips
Notes: works on this page, but not on the doc page?? as of 2016-01-19
Example: Template:Tooltip/doc

Semantic MediaWiki[edit | edit source]

To create tooltips in your wiki, you can simply use the info function that is included in Semantic MediaWiki. This is a Semantic MediaWiki example: This is a tooltip.

Extension[edit | edit source]

The Tooltip extension has it's latest code on the 'Talk' page, and is superseded by extensions like Extension:Lingo.

Template[edit | edit source]

{{Tooltip | text | icon}} which uses the Tooltip template, which in turn relies on the #info parser function by SMW works like this: This is some info

References[edit source]