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Tuleap Wikipedia article is a platform to host and manage your public Open Source project the Agile way. Plan, Track, Develop, Review and Share your software. The project seems not only mature, but well-funded (to a degree) since Airbus sees the value in FOSS, but also recognizes the risk in 'Open Source' where another entity can just privatize all the code that you rely on. Airbus has made Tuleap the centerpiece of their DevOps strategy [1] Tuleap compares favorably to GitLab, but offers more of a focus on cross-functional collaboration rather than just the developer-centric GitLab [2]

Tuleap Open ALM is a Libre (GPLv2 [3]) and Open Source software forge crafted in PHP/MySQL. Development occurs in realtime on https://tuleap.net. Sources are available in a Git repository on Tuleap.net. You can find a mirror on GitHub.[4]

Tuleap development is led by Enalean, a software engineering company in France.