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Canasta Quick links


    Getting Started on Windows[edit | edit source]

    1. logo key -> winver Check your version of Windows (Using Windows 11)
    2. logo key 'Windows features' make sure WSL is enabled (Yes)
    3. Not even listed? = Install WSL Windows Subsystem for Linux and check again.
    4. Virtualization should be enabled, and should be WSL not Hyper-V
      Right-click the Taskbar -> 'Task Manager' -> Performance (see that virtualization is enabled)
    5. Install Docker Desktop This YouTube video covers Setting up Docker on Windows with some references to working with the development framework Laravel. In your mind, substitute 'Canasta' for 'Laravel'.
      @todo Create a similar video for Canasta
    6. Open PowerShell as Administrator
    7. List distributions wsl -l -v
    8. Install Ubuntu wsl --install -d Ubuntu (You can hit logo key and find it as an "app" in the Windows Play Store) Once installed, I pinned it to the taskbar for easy access

    Tips[edit | edit source]

    explorer.exe .
    will open Windows Explorer for the folder in your Ubuntu container
    code .
    will open VSCode for the folder in your Ubuntu container
    • pin to quick access can put your Ubuntu filesystem in your Windows Explorer quick access