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In 2023 I faced and interesting challenge to update / upgrade an online system that was unmaintained for several years. The target system is a Digital Ocean "droplet" - which is a container-based system but proprietary. Digital Ocean does not provide any tools, mechanisms or advice about transferring Droplets externally.

I ran across an interesting article, which I did not try, that uses block-level copying via DD.

The method I did use was to rsync the data to my private host. Following the example of

    -a # archive mode (all files, with permissions, etc.)
    -A # preserve ACLs/permissions (not included with -a)
    -X # preserve extended attributes (not included with -a)
    -H # preserve hard links (not included with -a)
    -v # verbose, mention files
    --append-verify # if the files differ in modification or other timestamps, it will overwrite the target with the source without scrutinizing those files further
    my-droplet-host:/ ./targetDir/