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Honda ST1300 Electrical wiring diagram (colored)

Battery[edit | edit source]

Fully charged battery: 13.0 - 13.2V Under charged battery: < 12.3V

Customization[edit | edit source]

I have a Battery Charger Lead (SAE). This makes it simple to attach a battery tender during bike storage.

Excess Electrical Capacity[edit | edit source]

Excess Electrical Capacity (EEC) is the amount of excess electrical power your vehicle has in reserve to power additional devices (appliances) without draining the vehicle battery. This number varies widely depending on the manufacturer, model and sometimes model year of the vehicle. Excess Electrical Capacity is defined as (Excess Electrical Capacity) = (charging output) - (common operating load).

From section 19 Battery/Charging System in the service manual, my alternator is rated at 0.742kW/5,000 rpm In other words, the bike will generate 742 watts at highway revs.

Honda ST1300[edit | edit source]

Peak Charging Output - Common Operating Load = Excess Electrical Capacity
740 watts ?? ??
low RPMs with heated grips on high ?? less
740 watts savings from LED headlights ?? more

I only want to power a phone (3 watts), GPS (6 watts), and maybe a music player (3 watts), so there will be plenty of excess capacity. However, some things like heated garments or lights draw a lot of power. If you want to have your laptop computer charging in the trunk while riding, it could draw 100 watts - so know what load you are adding to the system and how much capacity you have so that you don't drain your battery while riding.

PowerLet[edit | edit source]

One of the 'standard' (widely used) power adapter formats besides Cigarette Lighter and SAE is the 'PowerLet'. PowerLet is the common brand name for wp:ISO 4165. (Other common brands include 'Hella plug' or 'BMW DIN plug')

PowerLet is a company that offers a range of products - including products for the ST1300

One item I might want to get is the dual outlet Honda ST1300 Dual Rear Kit PKT-028 from PowerLet that mounts under the rear suspension pretension adjuster (so left side of the bike). This would offer power for both riders. But, it is not available any more and a coax power supply would probably be better anyway.