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For "Enterprise MediaWiki" we need a number of initiatives to be completed in order to realize the goal of effortlessly penetrating the market, selling the product and services, as well as servicing customers

Elevator pitch[edit | edit source]

  • What is the product? "Knowledge Management" software is probably the easiest definition. However, with SMW + carefully curated extensions + 'packages' that are available via Page Exchange we need to assemble industry solutions that are available 'out of the box' (See Inspiration -> Installation Profiles below).

Rich posted this article about 'Application Rationalizations' which is a specific issue.

Distribution channels[edit | edit source]

Offer MediaWiki (Canasta) in various channels like OBS Studio does: Steam, Flathub, Windows App store

Features list[edit | edit source]

An improved version of Features

Example of translating raw configurations available in the software and mapping those into a "feature": MediaWiki has config settings. ENTERPRISE MediaWiki has "Privacy" profiles

Dedicated Contractual Support[edit | edit source]

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

Compile a list of organizations that exemplify the right way to do it and then replicate that.

Acquia is an example org that does for Drupal what we need to do for MediaWiki

Installation Profiles[edit | edit source]

Drupal has installation profiles that define a 'pre-packaged' setup of the raw CMS + modules + settings to address a particular type of solution. Similarly, we need to define solutions to specific use cases.

Content Needs[edit | edit source]

  1. A new website Lex has worked on
  2. Content that addresses basic questions like "Why use this vs. my already paid M$ license for SharePoint?"