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MediaWiki is wiki software. MediaWiki powers the website -- the biggest free knowledge base on earth.

It is the number one collaboration system for open knowledge in the world. There are at least 25,000 public sites using MediaWiki with 17,154,216 editing 988,115,503 pages of knowledge.[1]

Wikis are used by companies and organizations everywhere to create, collaborate and publish information. MediaWiki is the most popular wiki software, and is used by organizations like the American Library Association, NASA, NATO, Wall Street and more. If you would like assistance in a wiki project, please contact Greg Rundlett @ eQuality Technology

There is a complete Presentation on MediaWiki which includes information on wiki theming and also points to many examples -- particularly those that provide a custom look to their wiki.

This site is also powered by MediaWiki, and has several customizations and MediaWiki extensions installed.

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