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As a contributor to Meza, and developer of QualityBox, we've been closely following the efforts in the MediaWiki community around easier/automated deployments of MediaWiki. Actually, it's a goal of the MWStakeholders Group. And, it's a crucial aspect of the whole 2017 Wikimedia Technology Department Goals since at least 2018. Here is a list of some of the efforts and projects within and outside the WMF for automating deployments of MediaWiki:

WMF[edit | edit source]

For Distributors[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki with Kubernetes[edit | edit source]

MediaWiki on Docker[edit | edit source]

Node Services[edit | edit source]

  • MediaWiki Node Services Run several MediaWiki nodejs services (RESTBase, Parsoid) in a single docker container. Useful for small / low-memory installs. By WMF's d00rman (Marko Obrovac - Croatia) and gwicke (Gabriel Wicke - Menlo Park)

Lex Sulzer[edit | edit source]

Configuration Management and Deployment at WMF[edit | edit source]

It should be noted that the WMF uses Puppet for configuration management (See the operations/mediawiki-config repo), and Scap3 (which is used in SWAT) (obsolete) for deployments. There is the Cloud VPS which is powered by wp:OpenStack for projects related to the Wikimedia movement. The environment includes access to a variety of data services. Cloud VPS is meant to make it easier for developers and system administrators to try out improvements to Wikimedia infrastructure (including MediaWiki), power research and analytics, and host projects that are not viable in the Toolforge environment. Virtual machines running on Cloud VPS are subject to the instance lifecycle.

Puppet[edit | edit source]

Config Settings[edit | edit source]

With any automation tooling and deployment, you will inevitably need to refer to the long list of MediaWiki Configuration settings.