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Time: 22:21 UTC   |   Date: October 24   

Currently I'm working on building an Educational System featuring a server running Edubuntu and a diskless, noiseless, thin client workstation both as a project to teach my 8-yr old son about computers, and as a springboard to speak with local educators about solutions for Technology in the School District.

I'm also learning about MythTV because I'm planning to build a Home Entertainment Multimedia Center

Of course both of these projects are founded entirely on Free and Libre Open Source Software

Free Technology in Education[edit | edit source]

This project will rely on Edubuntu and the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP). See Free Technology in Education

Free Technology in the Living Room[edit | edit source]

This project is based on MythTV. MythTV is part (more than) full-featured Digital Video Recorder (DVR) software for Linux. The most famous DVR is probably TiVo, which also runs on Linux, but MythTV differs from TiVo in several ways. MythTV:

  • is 100% free
  • runs on standard computer hardware
  • has no monthly fees
  • is highly customizable
  • allows you full unencrypted digital access to all your audio and video content
  • is optimized for features, not profits

See Free Technology in the Living Room

Articles Wanted[edit | edit source]

These are just some current areas of interest that I mean to expand on -- but if you are reading this, please feel free to join me.

Document Format Conversion[edit | edit source]

Document formats and Format conversion are topics that are very important to 'regular people' (whether they realize it or not) and especially to folks who create good information systems. All pages in this wiki can be converted to multiple formats, thanks to Magnus' wiki2xml code that I'm deploying right now. freephile 14:57, 28 July 2007 (EDT)