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Everyone cares about backups. But creating backups of backups of backups, or old archaic files, or temporary downloads, or massive files that are available forever on the Internet such as free software tarballs, iso files etc. is foolish. This is all to say that you need to delete files before you backup!

I hope to expand this topic at a later date (and I'm 100% positive that I already have the content in one of my other sites). Until then, refer to the top answer at this StackExchange

When Pigs Fly[edit | edit source]

GZip and Tar are the venerable workhorses for compressing files and creating archives in Linux. wp:Mark Adler created Parallel Implementation of GZip (PIGZ) that leverages multiple cores and processors. For more on pigz, and it's counterpart unpigz, see or sudo apt install pigz and RTFM.