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One of the bigger problems facing a public wiki is spam. We've used only a few techniques to prevent SPAM in this public wiki, but they've worked well for us.

Before preventing SPAM, you can prevent access, and that's the approach that we've employed so far. Using mw:Manual:$wgGroupPermissions we've disabled all privileges by default, and then allow read-only access to the wiki. We did use the mw:Extension:ConfirmAccount extension, but we've even turned that off and simply request users to contact a Sys Admin for an account -- making the process manual and personal. Additionally, we

  1. Use the BadBehavior extension.
  2. Protect the MainPage from editing

There are many more techniques that can be implemented. There are a few extensions bundled with a download version of MediaWiki; described in the mw:Manual:Combating_spam. And you can see the extensions used on the MediaWiki website itself such as

Research[edit | edit source]

A paper on how Wikipedia combats spam, focusing on one particular bot: ClueBot NG.

As of July 2017, the "Revision Scoring as a Service" research initiative has become a full-fledged team at WMF. See

Gedit.svg todo I should implement this service, or at least take a closer look at the code and what they're doing. See the Tech Talk and more info on the wikimedia blog