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Description: The WikiEditor extension is an extendable framework with a set of feature-based modules that improve the user experience of editing. It is also the editing interface that Wikipedia currently uses
Notes: Available as the default editor in this wiki

Most administration on a Unix-like system is done with a text editor editing configuration files, usually under the /etc directory. This document will just outline a few editors to choose from.

vi[edit | edit source]

vi (home is http://vim.org) can reliably be expected to be installed on just about any machine or rescue console. More at Vi

emacs[edit | edit source]

joe[edit | edit source]

joe is Joe's Own Editor. This editor uses a minimal amount of your screen, similar to vi, but is a more user-friendly editor that allows a user to position the cursor with the arrow keys and type. Ctrl-K-H can be pressed at any time to get a listing of additional commands available.

nano[edit | edit source]

nano is the free software implementation of pico which is a popular editor for new users. Usage should be pretty clear as the common commands are all printed out on the screen for you.

TextPad[edit | edit source]

TextPad is a free, powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files that works in Windows.

Wiki Editors[edit | edit source]

The pen is mightier than the sword
  • wikEd is a great JavaScript implementation of an editor for MediaWiki wikis.
  • WikiEditor is the extension in use by MediaWiki Foundation currently on all sites.
  • Visual editor is the ultimate in edit experience for 'simplicity' and lowering the bar for new contributors to the wiki since editing is so close to using a word processor.