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We used Bootstrap to prototype a page for QualityBox  +
[[CSS#Example:_mobile_layout_with_2_columns]]  +
Visit the [[Categories]] page to see the 'cloud' display.  +
[[:Category:Wiki]] and the [[MediaWiki]] page, among others, use this.  +
See [[:File:Certificate grade.png]]  +  +
[ Cite this Page]  +
[[Admin tips]], [[User:Freephile/todo]]  +
GPL  +
[[google:bananas|Search Google for bananas]]  +
[[google:foo|search for 'foo' on Google]]  +
See the example diagram at [[Sales Cycle]]  +
This page ([[Features]]) uses Semantic MediaWiki to provide a report on all the pages in the [[:Category:Feature|Feature Category]]  +
setup a 'private' namespace which is access restricted so that only a certain class of user can access that space. Because MediaWiki is not a CMS, pages in the private namespace would still show up in a search. However, the content would only be accessible to the group you set it to. So, you wouldn't use this feature to setup a space reserved for the 'human resources' group, and then draft a 'layoff' announcement because although nobody outside the HR group could read the announcement, it's existence would be knowable. On the other hand, 'status-update' wouldn't give too much of a clue about what the contents were.  +
If you are an administrator, visit the [[Special:Nuke|Mass delete]] page.  +
The example on the right is used here and on the page [[Cloning]].  +  +
See [[:File:Certificate grade.png]]  +
[[Svg]]  +
[[Apache]] shows config file highlighting; [[Library]] shows JavaScript; etc.  +