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[[mw:Extension:Bootstrap]] first added here in January 2016, makes that framework available to this wiki. This is in addition to the built-in OOUI (Object Oriented User Interface) of MediaWiki  +
Add CSS rules into your pages.  +
It's created using the [[mw:Extension:Wiki Category Tag Cloud]] extension. In contrast, the MediaWiki built-in 'Categories' page (not a cloud) is at [[Special:Categories]]  +
I did edit [[MediaWiki:Categorytree-member-num]] to provide a full name interface  +
For non-public sites, we can still generate certificates using DNS  +
Made by Stephan Gambke ( and integrates [[Bootstrap]] 4  +
From any page, there is an extra link in the toolbar to "Cite this Page"  +
There is a maintenance script by the same name (DeleteBatch).  +
DPL is similar to Semantic MediaWiki in regard to it's capability to output content. The difference is that it does not create or rely on semantic data.  +
[ The What, Why and Advantages of Elasticsearch]  +
One of the best is the wikEd gadget implementation for the wikEd editor  +
[[mw:Extension:Lingo]] first added here in January 2016  +
This can be dangerous in a public wiki, but suitable for restricted editor groups.  +
Provided by [[mw:Extension:Interwiki]] Visit [[Special:Interwiki|Special Webs]] to see the webs configured for this site.  +
Use the online editor to create your diagram  +
Just like the spreadsheet allows knowledge workers to practically generate software applications, Semantic MediaWiki is no less revolutionary. Non-technical staff can create powerful databases with form-entry, reports, validations, etc.  +
You can use SQL wildcards To '''permanently''' delete (expunge) the records, you must [[mw:Special:MyLanguage/Manual:DeleteArchivedRevisions.php|delete archived revisions]]  +
relies on <code>gs convert and pdfinfo</code>  +
As of v1.18, the ParserFunctions extension is bundled with a download of mw. You do need to enable it.  +
The [[mw:Extension:Replace_Text|Extension:Replace_Text]] provides a special page (at [[Special:ReplaceText]]) to allow administrators to do a global string find-and-replace on all the content pages of a wiki. It's a global search and replace tool that covers all content in the database and multi-media files. It is obviously useful in many circumstances. It features [[Regular Expressions]] support and shows a list of candidate matches before actually doing anything making it safer to 'test' a search and replace operation.  +