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The short story? We love wikis.

After years of helping companies implement, upgrade, integrate and otherwise deploy complex web applications across a variety of internal and external infrastructures, eQuality Technology came to realize that there was literally nobody addressing the need for a turn-key, enterprise-quality MediaWiki solution. At the same time, the demand for such a solution grew and grew from the ever-increasing complexity and sophistication of the MediaWiki system. MediaWiki is developed in a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). While SOA is a good choice for enterprise architecture, it's hardly a good choice for smaller or part-time practitioners. Also, the price-sensitive hosting industry forcibly restricts hosting companies from offering a service that requires intensive experience with the application. To make MediaWiki deployments coherent across a broad spectrum of use cases (and to keep our own sanity), we developed the QualityBox as an automated solution, relying on the power of Ansible. We developed a turn-key solution called QualityBox that provides a fully-furnished enterprise MediaWiki. Our service is unique offering a customized fully operational first-class environment.

QualityBox is a turn-key solution to enterprise knowledge

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